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After leaving his career at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Scott decided to pursue a career in the creative industry. For that to happen, it meant going back to school. Scott earned a certificate in Design and Communication and a diploma in Advertising, both at Conestoga College. During his last year of school, Scott worked as a Client Service Coordinator at Quarry Integrated Communications in St. Jacobs.

Over the past three years at Conestoga College, Scott is proud to say that he successfully balanced both his family life and school life, which has taught him to skillfully budget and educated both his intellect and social abilities. During this time, Scott still managed to volunteer on two different K-W Oktoberfest committees, which challenged him to go outside his comfort zone on many occasions. Scott has the ability to write creatively for many different types of documents. Whether it is a creative brief, a marketing report, or an integrated communications package, he shows an understanding of how to present the information in a way that will keep the reader engaged. Scott also has the ability to design both print and web publications. He is very skillful with the whole Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. By paying attention to colour, space, balance, and typography his designs allow the viewer to easily navigate a publication with enjoyment.

Scott strongly believes that the aptitude of a business relies on its relationships with clients, and that relationship is strengthened with high quality. No matter what the task is, he is always determined to produce a product to the best of his ability. His helpful and upbeat attitude and excellent rapport with clients and co-workers make him a valuable asset to any group. He is an extremely caring professional who will certainly have a positive impact on everyone that he comes across.

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